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Originally Posted by happi View Post
after hearing people having success with H2O2 to kill algae i thought i try it. this is my original thread blue green algae AKA cyanobacteria

i know what i had was not cyno bacteria as i thought it was, turn out to be green dust algae and i dosed the entire bottle (i was stupid i know) of H2O2 to see what will happen. within 2 days it killed all the algae and plant slowly start to melt away, only left the sticks behind, all the leaves were gone, since that day i did many water changes and i knew it also effected the bacteria and had to recycle the tank again. since then plant never grew even if i add the new plants they would simply melt away within couple of days. right now all the plants are not growing at all, even the new one, i am dosing EI on this tank, its not co2 or ferts issue.

i think after i killed all the bacteria they can no longer convert the nitrate to ammonium for plants to use, this is the only culprit i could think of, maybe i should dose ammonium for while the tank regain all the bacteria.

just an good lesson for me and H2O2 does not solve the root cause, the algae was back again but its not bad as it use to be. after killing all my plants, i think i will need more, if anyone is willing to hook me for good price shoot me pm.
Hi Happi,

Sorry that you wiped out your tank, dosing a whole bottle will do that. Hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) is a strong oxidizer like bleach so basically you sterilized your entire tank. When I treat a tank with H2O2 (either with spot treatment or whole tank treatment) I don't dose more 1.5 ml per gallon (approx 1 teaspoon per 3 gallons) and have never lost a fish or plant.

That said, the H2O2 breaks down rapidly, typically in less than 24 hours, into H2O (water) so it is doubtful if there is any left in your tank. If it were me, I would take the opportunity to do a thorough tank cleaning followed by a major (50%+) water change and then restart my tank just like it was brand new.

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