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Decided to test the parameters on the tank and had some interesting findings. I *just* got these kits a week ago and I have tested them on DI water, so the results are more or less "accurate". Not laboratory accurate, but good enough for me.

pH: 6.8 (no co2 yet)
GH: 3
KH: 3
Ammo: 1.0 ppm
Nitrite: 0.25 ppm
Nitrate: 5.0 ppm

The pH, GH, and KH don't surprise me. I need to add more Equilibrium to boost the GH and I have a very small amount of crushed coral in the substrate that's boosting the KH a little bit.

I've been dosing a small amount of nitrate. I'm actually kind of surprised it's as low as it is.

What I wasn't expecting was the ammonia and nitrite. There are no snails (that I've seen) or really any breathing thing in the tank. I haven't started adding ammonia as I wanted to get the filter hooked up first. Clearly something is setting off the ammonia. Organic matter in the substrate would be my guess.

Guess it's started cycling! Not unhappy about that

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