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I have the same tank (and also live in MN!). I really think the stock LED light will be a struggle to grow much for plants other than very low light stuff like java moss. I couldn't keep much alive, but I also had gravel substrate and did nothing for the plants because I had no idea what I was doing. Maybe you'll have better luck.

In order to grow plants I upgraded the lighting to a 27W PC for less than $30, started doing DIY CO2 injection, started dosing EI, and started using Aqua Soil. I'm having very good results and the plants are growing great. I have to trim once per week. I'd say it's probably medium light now (2.25 watts per gallon).

Below is a comparison photo I did of the stock LED vs. the 27W PC before I planted my tank. Now I set the stock LED unit on top of the glass as a work light when I flip the PC up out of the way. The difference is dramatic and the LED appears super dim to me now. I think it's a bigger difference than the picture shows. It's just enough light for me to go in and trim stuff.

There are certainly other ways to get bright lights. A DIY LED setup or adding some LED strips would work too. I just didn't want to spend that much money for this.

The details of building the PC light are in my journal here: 12 Gallon Reboot Learning Experience. If you are mechanically inclined, it's pretty easy.
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