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Originally Posted by mitchfish9 View Post
Looks great!! I am excited to see it fill in and whatever fish you plan to stock will look amazing in there and be very happy. I think should do GBR! They will be fine with a school of pygmy cories as there is plenty of space in a 29. Then a school of ember tetras like you said would look awesome as well. Then amanos for the cleanup crew. It would be a perfect 29g stock IMO. Good luck

I'll probably start stocking the tank with a handful of otos and then the tetras. After that, we'll see. I start working again next month (been a stay at home mom for almost three years now!), so I'll have some more money to spend on fishies!

My LFS either breeds GBRs or gets them from a local breeder, I forget which. Either way, I know they are super hardy and very healthy fish. My LFS rocks, btw. Don't know if I've said that enough :p

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