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Originally Posted by ProjectCode619 View Post
With that being said, all I want is healthy green plants with one type of dry ferts. Since its going to be in a shrimp tank I want to keep ferts to a minimal.
This is impossible; no single chemical contains potassium, nitrate and phosphates in one.

The minimal requirement is usually potassium nitrate and potassium phosphate.

Originally Posted by ProjectCode619 View Post
So is it safe to assume 0.5ppm being my goal for potassium just about do it for a 20 gallon planted shrimp tank in order to keep plants and shrimps happy at the same time?
0.5 ppm of potassium is probably insufficient; but the more important question is how are you even measuring the potassium in the first place?

You can use EI dosing and your shrimp will be fine...

Originally Posted by ProjectCode619 View Post
Only planning to dose once every 2 weeks.
This will probably not result in happy plants, and rather, algae.


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