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Originally Posted by plantbrain View Post
Without any concentration mentioned, it does make a big difference and specifically to say trout vs say a warm water fish.

Take NO3 for example, it's very toxic to trout fry, but to guppies? Tetras?
I also made mention of selectivity to shrimp vs fish, both have gills but shrimp are far more sensitive to the product as labeled.

This is about all I know.
For chronic exposure or toxicity, I agree. Impossible to predict how any particular species will react other than generalizations. Does anyone even know exact how it kills when overdosed? I did find some papers saying long-term exposure to surfactants reduced viability of gill tissue, but these were not specific to Busan 77.

Originally Posted by plantbrain View Post
I tried it 2x, did not work. Broke out the UV.
Green water might be milder perhaps, or higher light in the tank I had might be the cause, if it "works", it should work for most everyone. Several other hobbyists I know tried it and failed, does not work on GDA BTW.
That is weird. Normally it has visible effect within hours, and many would consider green water to be the thing it's most effective for. There has to be some particular reason it didn't work in these case, rather than it just being generally ineffective, though I don't know what it would be. Carbon? Purigen? UV? PH? My success was in a low tech tank with none of those. No CO2. GH=1, KH=8, PH=~8.2.

Originally Posted by plantbrain View Post
Agreed. I tried 1/2 doses split for 2 days. Same result with hair algae, but, still killed shrimp some. No difference with fish.
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I think the utility is your advice is reduced shrimp mortality. While people seek to reduce fish stress, I think 1-2 days of mild stress is not going to be a big issue for most.
Mmm, no. Seems like what you're suggesting is to use a smaller dose, when it will still get the job done, instead of using the full dose as directed on the bottle. Which is certainly sage advice.

But what I'm suggesting is that if someone plans to use the full dose anyway (for example against resistant algae), then each full dose should be broken up into smaller doses, spaced hours apart; as a precaution only against the respiratory distress some have observed. I have not tested this on shrimp, nor do I plan to - at any dose. Toxicity due to constant exposure of a particular level, and respiratory distress due to a sharp increase, are two completely separate effects in my opinion. My method is intended only for the latter, shrimp will still suffer the toxic effect.

Originally Posted by plantbrain View Post
I'll find a mortality vs time curve for you.
That would be great.

Originally Posted by plantbrain View Post
Some day I'll do the time vs Glut decay. If you'd like, I can ship the Glut test kit I have here as a spare. The only requirement is that you document and share the info. I will not be doing it for at least 4-5 more months.
That too would be great. I'd love to know typical decay rates for aquariums, the few I've seen are for outdoor environments. I have five tanks at my disposal for it with various setups, and will happily document glutaraldehyde decay rates in as many situations as the kit will allow. I'll PM my address to you, and should you decide to send it, let me know if there's any particular tests, conditions, or procedures you want followed.
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