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Just quoting to make it easier to ID everything

Originally Posted by lamiskool View Post
Not 100% sure but it is one of those chain sword species.

I'm not entirely sure, but it looks a lot like my creeping jenny (also known as moneywort in this hobby) but might be a bacopa of some kind (then again, my plant could be a bacopa as well)

This is glosso. It will generally carpet by itself, but it seems to like a nutritious substrate and higher lighting to get it to really thrive and carpet correctly. I have this stuff going wild in my 5.5

This is Bolbitis heteroclita. Its hard to grow underwater it seems, and alot of people even with hi-tech setups seem to have difficulty getting this plant to grow. I tried once, and failed. I have no plans of trying again (even though I do like how it looks), it just became too much of a hassle, and I'd rather just have anubias anyways. I myself might try this out again if I ever am doing well with everything else, but its a challenge, so gl with it.

Not watersprite (which is a fern), but Water Wisteria (Hygrophilia difformis). Very nice, lush growing plant, that will take over and grow like a weed if you let it. I hear it can be done in low-tech tanks, but I have it in a dirted hi-tech tank and it grows like there is no tomorrow. A great beginner plant for sure. Yours seems to still be transforming to its aquatic form, but once that is done expect to trim it back a lot, doing so encourages the plant to grow more sideshoots anyways.
Hope that helps, what substrate are you using and what lighting level are you and all that?

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