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Dario dario tips and tricks (mainly wondering what too feed and best gender ratios)

So, lo and behold, my lfs manages to have these in. I've never seen these fish in person before and I knew I had to have at least a pair since I've seen them around and am setting up a nano-tank anyways.

I picked up what I believe to be a pair (man, these things are so small, I'm used to bichirs and stuff like that), and am just wondering what tips and tricks you guys can offer. If this would be better off in the nano forum, please mods, move this there.

Anyways, they are in my hi light (soon to be running pressurized co2) 10 gallon, with pygmy cories, some otos (I need more in the future) and some blue velvet shrimp and an army of misc. snails. I plan on eventually adding more of these guys to my tank, and adding other micro fish as well.

I have some micro hikari pellets, but I'm wondering what else would be good to feed these guys. I got some frozen brine shrimp as well, and I also have blood worms (though I heard those are a bad idea for these, is that true? either way, more of these will be going for my smaller angels than this tank if I were to feed any).

Im sure I'll have more questions as I go. Its a bit of a change for me to go from fish I can actually see to small little guys such as these :P

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