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Question feeding peas to fish

I know there are many posts on this, but I was hoping I could get a few quick answers & save the time hunting the posts down...

I want to introduce much more veggie matter to my fish - 90% of which are various tetras (larger tetras, like Buenos Aries and Columbians). Sadly, the poor things rarely get any veggies, as I feed Tetra Crisps and Hikari Bloodworms, and Tetra Spirulina flakes when I remember to buy them. I actually thought I was helping them by feeding bloodworms 3 - 4 days a week, not realizing that so much protein was hard on them, and the water quality.

Some of the fish like the zucchini I offer, some don't. Tonight I tried peas. Wow! I admit I used canned peas because that's what I was going to cook (no sodium added) but I usually buy frozen peas. As a matter of fact this was the first can of peas I've bought in years - lol. I imagine they (canned) are not so healthy for fish. Anyhow, they went nuts for it. I only squeezed out 4 peas for a 125 tankful of fish, then 2 peas for some tiger and rosy barbs & celebes rainbows in a 29. I was worried that too much of a new thing - or the fact that they were canned peas - might be rough on them. But since they loved them so much, I'm wondering how often is it ok to feed peas to fish? A youtube vid has a guy that feeds peas every other day. I was thinking maybe every 3rd day? Can I use it like regular food, and give them as much as they completely consume in a minute or two? Next; I try spinach! lol


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