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Originally Posted by sejoy View Post
That's true but I'm personally stuck in classes that are required but are not challenging, so they just take up time and add stress to the few classes i really want to be in.

If I could actually pick whatever classes I wanted and go to school for free I'd never leave, but at this rate I'd rather be out working in the real world and gaining skills I don't already have instead of paying for overpriced useless courses.

On a TPT note, there's an awesome LFS near my school that has super helpful employees, healthy fish and tons of plants. I'd love to work there 8D
You think that in the working world you will always be doing something "challenging"?
I love the marketing packages that take a month of work before it goes to press. Hours of studio work. Days of imposition. Client changes. My changes. Then I get the basic letterhead envelope bc setup. That should only take 10 minutes to setup. With a "normal" client it does. Definitely not a challenge. But has to be done.

BTW most of the classes I took in HS were not challenging and I could pretty much sleep thru and ace. (Actually many of them I did) Most of the classes in college that I thought were totally irrelevant turned out to be a godsend in later life. You just never know.

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