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Originally Posted by niko View Post

I meant using exotic wavelengths that are not normally used produces really weird coloration. Not like getting the red leaves redder or someting like that. Just very weird colors you don't normally see.
And because the aquascaping hobby apparently is not an enemy to unnatural looks one can use weird colored plants to create some kind of unseen alien scape.


The grow light that I used yesterday indeed created very ugly shadows around the plants - purplish red, very unnatural and tastless looking.

The absorbtion of wavelengths by the water is a funky topic. Someone just told me that Amano believes that intensity is more important than specific wavelengths. One simple example is "white" light. It has all kinds of wavelengths and not all of them matching the photosynthetic curves perfectly. But if I think a white light will grow plants worst that a jacked up LED with all kinds of wavelengths I think I need a shot of reality. There probably will be a difference. But how big? What is really the point of a light engineered to surpass white light by say 5 or 10 or 20%? In another post I said that this all has to do more with one's ego than anything else. LED is cool right now, you know.
there very well might not be a huge difference in plant growth with a white light or playing around with other bulbs, but there could be and since the technology is available why not really take some time to look in to it? There are lots of t5 fixtures that are pretty cheap that hold a ton of bulbs. Reefers have been playing with bulb combinations for years so have closet farmers, it seems wierd to me that aquascapers would be so far behind the curve on this. I guess one could argue that its not broken and people can grow beautiful plants with 6,700k so why fix it, but corals grew fine under 10,000k light and it didnt stop people from playing around with light spectrum and reef tanks look a heck of a lot cooler now than they used to imo (and theyre getting better growth).

I'm not saying ditch the midday bulb, but if we can get faster or more compact growth with some ati blue +'s or blue leds and work that in to a moring/dusk cycle why not do it? If we can fine tune how our plants grow by tweaking spectrum its 100% worth it. If that means more compact growth or the ability to induce flowering, that could be really useful to alot to of advanced aquascapers looking for a very specific look for their photos or first timers attempting to grow a dense HC carpet. Maybe we can find a spectrum that causes HC to stay low or spread out faster or causes blyxia to flower all the time, or increases leaf serrations on marshmermaid... Point is that there are so many options out there that let us play with spectrum and intensity like leds such as the radion or sol vega and more traditional technology like t5's that there is just no good reason not too.

We should play with planted tank light sprectum and intensity for the same reason people first climbed mount everest or stuffed pizza crust with cheese... because we can.
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