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My Tank:

Cycled 55 gal
2 x 54w t5HO 4500k and 6500k
giant hairgrass, micro sword and java fern
excel, comprehensive, potassium, (about to start nitrate)
Eco-complete and flora max substrate with laterite underneath near plants
eheim pro 3e and eheim classicw/ peat. horizontal spraybars for gas exchange
currently about 4 gal of diy yeast co2 and still not enough
rex grigg style reactor on seperate line with pump
2 currently bluish green diy drop checkers
11 happy cardinals
a tiny bit of thread algae

Im on well water, which is great for chlorine but my kh is at least 250 ppm. Current ph 6.8, hoping this will lower a bit with pressurized.

I want to install this co2 system but am unsure if I can use any old needle valve like from home depot, or do I need a fancy aquarium type gizmo.

I welcome any input anyone may have for a beginner

Thank you
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