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Thanks for the reply DarkCobra & Zolek

I have done all the suggested things already

Last week I killed 2 of the bulbs

I cut down on the EI dosing - doing 1/4 tsp KNO3, 1/16tsp of K2SO4, KH2PO4 and Plantex and made a solution of Chelated Iron 13% based off the YAFC calculator for 30 gallons (approximate tank volume)

Im happy to report that today I do see hints of the staghorn turning purplish red, which I have read is a good sign.

My tank wasnt dirted when I first set it up, but a week or two into the tank, I dirted it based on reading and advice from established hobbyists. I have wondered if it was the dirt that was causing these problems, but figured it cant be since it's pretty popular. I can say that I have about 1.5" of dirt at the bottom and a good 2.5" of Flourite on top of it. Overall my substrate is a good 4-4.5" deep.

Considering all this, my plant growth is good.
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