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I'm not dosing anything yet. I'm hoping the ferts might clear up the algae and help with the M.M. They were recommended to me by a member here and I read the whole long thread by Tom Barr and he recommends them. Only one of my anubias are actually planted in the eco complete. All the rest are on the drift wood.

I'm also hoping some day I might be able to plant things besides the anubias LOL And I would really like more of cover with the MM. but I'm wondering if I should increase my light or not. I mean I won't do it now because I just bought the replacement bulbs but next time year when they need to be replaced. Everyone on the low tech discouraged me from doing so but I already have algae so it's not like it can really get worse... and then maybe I could grow stuff. I don't mean increasing the lights by a lot, just a tiny bit. I think it works out to about 1.2 watts/gal right now.
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