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Originally Posted by DarkCobra View Post
Crikey, a whole bottle? That's a guaranteed tank nuke, kills every living thing.

If you want an effective H2O2 treatment, try mine:

The "One-Two Punch" Whole Tank Algae Treatment

The H2O2 portion can be used separately or in combination as I described.

Also, bacteria convert ammonia to nitrate, not the other way around. Plants can use ammonia or nitrate directly, so a functioning biofilter isn't required.
am still scratching my head thinking how come plants were fine before i nuked it with H2O2 and it has been about 3 weeks and nothing is growing anymore.

i will look into your thread, do you also have any plants to sell so i can get this thing started again? i added new HC which melted within couple of days remain mystery, before dosing H2O2 it was doing fine.
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