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Originally Posted by Delexboarfoot View Post
Err. No. The Fluval tubes that I am using are as supplied with the 406, not conventional filter tubing but the ribbed stuff. They are a good but looser fit than the Ehiem tubing as provided by Ehiem. Using the tube clip as provided by Ehiem I am unable to pull them off.

I am not sure that I should recommend this as a course of action as yet as it is early days and problems may still develop.

From one of your earlier posts I see that you do not use the Fluval tubing as it "reduces flow by design". (I feel you my be right).

I would double check your hose sizes if this is likely to cause you an issue.
Sorry, my bad - I'm using 5/8" clear aquarium tubing ~16-17mm equivalent.

I kept the Fluval tubing for the intake because it was an easy fix and disappears on the black background. I used to use the clear tubing with the lily intake till I broke it. The corrugated Fluval tubing is a crap magnet - it's flexible, and necessary if you use their intake plumbing but otherwise not optimal, IMO - smooth tubing is aqua dynamic.
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