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Why is my Vallisneria Spiralis struggling?

I have a CO2-infused 33g long freshwater that has a diversity of plants. Some of my plants are slowly and steadily growing (e.g., Anubias and Java Fern) but others, like Vallisneria Spiralis (see image) and other grasses, are struggling. What do you recommend?

My tank:
* water change (5-10g) once per week includes dosing with:
** one capful Fe Propel (iron)
** Flourish Excel (liquid CO2 in addition to tank CO2)
** two tablespoons Equilibrium (for mineral balance & GH)
* lighting: 7AM - Noon; 1PM - 7PM with Skkye Light 8W
* Heating: 78 degrees
* Filter: Eheim 2215 Canister Filter
* Miscellaneous:
** tank has fairly strong current due to filter and circulation pump
** Canister Filter contains small packet of Rowa Phos and three Seachem Purigen packets (organic filtration)
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