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gotta be honest, if my wife told me i could only put a tank in the laundry room I'd have laughed in her face, said, "oooook", and promptly turned it into a fish room. It's already got easy access to water and drainage.

that being said, i have been relegated to the basement, had a 55 and 20. which sucks enough since it wasnt really finished and i didnt enjoy being down there. we're in the midst of renovating the basement now and i've wiggled my way up to a 125g. we'll be down there all the time with a kid's play area, tv/entertainment area, and lounge area where the tank will be going.

glad to hear you and your wife came to an agreement. I'd personally still be trying for the living room. what sort of filtration are you doing and why is it loud? promise your wife that you'll make it quiet and that it'll impress guests and then she can take credit for it.
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