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Originally Posted by Colorblizzle View Post
And djAngo keep the tips coming. Everyone else too this is my first planted so my ears are WIDE OPEN
Make sure there's water in the tank before adding fish! lol j/k

Seriously though, if you're afraid (or gf in this case) of ammonia in the house, just pee in your tank. Yes I'm being serious, how you think most of us aquaponics / veg gardeners get our compost cycles started?

Regardless, as long as you take it slow and ease into the cycle you can go either route. Personally I prefer the fishless cycle as there's no point in a needless death, but on the other hand, get yourself a hardy fish or 2, let them cycle the tank and then sell them back to the LFS and get what you really want. That's what I did with my last tank, worked great.

Also, you stated you're running LEDs, and while PAR rating is important, so is wattage, with that low of a wattage you'll want to make sure you're not using plants that are heavy light usage plants as they won't thrive very well.
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