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Originally Posted by roadmaster View Post
Is possible to have hard water but water may be lacking calcium, or maybe has calcium, and lacking magnesium.Water hardness test's don't tell you which may be lacking.(local water report might)
I have plenty of calcium, and little to no magnesium in my water and so I decided to try adding a little Epsom salt (magnesium) when i dose other nutrient's and plant's that were doing poorly,improved.
Seachem's Equilibrium might also produce result's.
At first that was my line of thinking. But what got me confused is that I have been using the city water for the past 4 years on this tank. All of the crypts and plants were all thriving until this happen. Also only some of the crypts were affected. Usually I would see all or none or like one area of the tank. The affected crypts are all over the tank... not in a particular area.

Like wabisabi said, I really think AS has something to do with it.

I have dosed some calicium and GH booster last night. I will continue to monitor the crypts to see what happen next.
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