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Nevada, German Shepherd. She is nine now, had heart surgery when she was 9 months old.

Shorty, Basset Hound. He thinks Nevada is his girlfriend(and he is NOT a basset, he is a shepherd). Nevada thinks he is a pain in the butt.

Vegas, half lab/half english pointer. He doesn't swim, won't retrieve and is afraid of smaller animals. All smaller animals. And big dogs, and small dogs. He also doesn't like wet grass. And he sleeps in a king sized bed. He's not spoiled at all.


Kenny, he is the ruler of the house. He is about 13/14 years old now.

LG, he is the baby of the bunch. And the biggest.


Jade talking. She is a big mouth.

Phoebe with LG when he was a kitten.

Shorty, LG and Jade. Doing what they do best.

Phebs being a good mommy. She took care of LG and Jade when we got them like they were her own kittens. we got them at different times. Jade was only about 4 weeks old. LG was older, maybe 6 weeks old. He was dumped. Kenny was also dumped as a kitten. Each one has their own story. But it would take up a lot of room to write each one.


55 Gallon planted tank with white tip tetras, neon tetras, pandruo apisos, agassizii apisos, skunk cory cats, kuli loaches, orange hatchet danios, cherry shrimp & cats, dogs, ferrets, guinea pigs, rats, mexican black kingsnake, orange/yellow beared dragon and bugs too
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