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Red Lotus

Originally Posted by dastowers View Post
Not sure if anyone is following this but here is 24 hours later. The curled leaf has grown into the one in front of the largest red discus. Amazing.

Just wanted to comment on growing the red lotus.
As you may be aware this is a tropical water lily rather than a true lotus. These plants can grow very quickly and very large with the right conditions. This one plant could cover half the surface of the tank in a few weeks

These plants will take very high levels of fertilization. When I was growing water lillies all the time they would get 1-3 plant tabs depending on plant size around/in the root ball once a week and grow madly. I often used Jobes tomato spikes for this. I was growing outdoors in ponds and tubs and indoors in a 4'x8' pond. For good blooming once the plant is mature a high P level fertilizer (say 8-24-8 and long wavelength (orange-red light ) will encourage good blooming. Plants don't respond terribly well to lots of blue light in terms of growth.
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