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Originally Posted by wabisabi View Post
How old was the used AS? I'll bet it was adding the AS that is causing a slight melt to your crypts. With your automated dosing seems unlikely to be a nutrient deficiency.

The AS can alter your conditions enough to cause crypts to melt. I've done it on a smaller scale in a 10 gallon tank. Wiped out a nice little grove of C. keei 'jambusan' and C. cordata 'zonata' by adding some new AS to an established tank. It wasn't much AS but enough to change the water conditions to cause the melt.

Strange that the bullosa seem unaffected. I would think they'd be affected too.
AS is about 6 months ago.

Hmmm... interesting observation... The following crypts were unaffected: Keei, Cordata 'Rosanervig', Hudoroi, and Bullosa.

But the follow were affected: Cordata KR01, Affinis, Kota Tingii, Mimina 'Gasser', Purpurea, Aponogetifolia.

Also I have Alternanthera sp 'variegated', downoi, and java ferns were unaffected.

Do you think a big water change will help or just wait it out? I think I better just wait it out.
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