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I have a bunch of photos to share.

Blue, russian blue rat

No Name yet, American Blue Dumbo

Ziva, Pineapple Green Cheek Conure

Abby, Spider Ball Python. She is bigger now, she was only about a month old in that photo. I need to get some new photos of her.

The Girls. I need an updated photo. Two have passed, and I have gotten two more. Maddy(brown, rip), Paige(black long hair) Chloe (light yellow, rip) and Mo-Mo(grey and white). I also have a male piggy named Jack, his friend Nick passed a couple of weeks ago.

Stubbs, bearded dragon.

I have some more pics I will put into another post.


55 Gallon planted tank with white tip tetras, neon tetras, pandruo apisos, agassizii apisos, skunk cory cats, kuli loaches, orange hatchet danios, cherry shrimp & cats, dogs, ferrets, guinea pigs, rats, mexican black kingsnake, orange/yellow beared dragon and bugs too
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