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ok you have Rhizoclonium and thread algae. Both are common with new tanks. I actually just got control of the same two issues myself.

Here is what i found that worked:

1) I manually, EVERYDAY without fail, removed as much as possible.
2) HIGH co2!!!! (maybe the most important step), mine comes on 30 min before my HIGH lighting.
3) I dose excel 2x the daily reccomended dose about 2 hours BEFORE my co2 comes on. DAILY!
4) IE dosing of ferts, this is a MUST! Both of these algaes are due to low nutrients
5) Nerites, amanos, and ramshorns. (in a 125g i have 5 nerites, 10 ramshorns(ATM), and 22 amanos)

I have very little of either algae types now.

There are 2 types of people on this forum. Those that have algae, and those that lie and say they don't.
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