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Too much for a 20H?

Hello everyone,

I'm new here, but not new to the hobby (plants yes, but fish keeping and reefs, no).

I'm doing my first planted tank out of a 20 gallon high (24x12x16). I found a sweet 3 bulb fixture for $30 and now have 3 x 23 watt 5500k CLFs in there (parallel to the tank. I'm used to lighting reefs and I think this may be a shade (pun intended) too much? I plan on using DYI CO2, a few ferts and my goal is to grow a full bed of low lying ground cover, (aquascape style) with a few larger plants like swords etc off to one side. I've searched and searched, but the specifics of my question have eluded me.

Thanks in advance!!!
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