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Originally Posted by Beer View Post
Davrx and Mobert, how thick is the glass on those bowls? do you think either one of them will hold up to an accidental bump or two?
Are both of them from West Elm?
Mine is 5/16" inch thick at the opening. It is really optically very nice with no waves or distortions in the glass. I got mine from e Bay from glassvasews and it is the "Bubble Bowl Glass Vases 12" Body Diameter glass fish bowl glass Terrarium" It is pretty solid and heavy. Definitely more solid than most small store bought aquariums. They have different sizes. I think up to 16". I got an acrylic circle from Tap Plastics and glued some plastic pieces on it to make a lid for my bowl. There is a 1/4" gap between the side of the lid and top edge of the bowl and I fill the water right up to the lid bottom so you can view from the top down. Very little evaporation but I only have 7 shrimp so I have no trouble with shrimp having enough oxygen. My son has one that is in a really cool Tequila bottle with three shrimps. They have not been fed since September and are doing well. He just opens the top once in awhile and makes sure it has just enough light. It is very durable.

Bubble Bowl Glass Vases (1pc) 12" Body Diameter Glass Fish Bowl Plant Terrarium

My college kid's bottle was made with this bottle with a little sand in the bottom:

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