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So I had the three red crystal shrimp and they were doing a good job and all (and all were healthy), just weren't making quick progress. I bought seven red crystal shrimp from a local member on here and all together they were starting to make progress. Just not as much as I would've liked. I got a baby pleco (yes, I know (s)he'll be too big for the tank) to make a pit stop in this tank before he/she goes into my bigger tank.

Here are some updates:

That big rock in the middle was pretty much covered in algae and the majority of it is gone off of that rock.

Baby red crystal shrimp:

Hanging out:

I am overly pleased with the progress of algae removal. Tomorrow I am going to a LFS to get 2 oto's who will take up temporary residence in this tank before being moved to another.
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