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It's a 29 gal. 30" x 18" high by 12" deep IIRC. I have eco complete substrate that always looks disgusting--I can't really clean it well because of the M.M and drift wood. 30" T5 NO coralife light 2x 18watt bulbs. 6700K and colormax. They're on the old side now and I just bought two 6700K ones to replace them (I couldn't find the colormax). I've always had an algae problem so I don't think it's just that the bulbs are old.

My pH is 7.6 and the water is hard but not from calcium I don't think. The water is from a well. I live on an old farm with lots of farm loam.

I have a whole bunch of anubias nana petites that grow fine but reverted to being normal sized. Not sure if it's my tank or where I got them from--they're from tissue culture. I got a ton of them for like $10 so I'm not complaining and they seem to be healthy. I have one regular anubias nana that also does well. Then I have some bacopa carolina I think it's called. It does ok and seems to grow. And then the M.M. I've also tried lilaeopsis mauritiana, dwarf sag, val. nana and they all died. Plus I got a nice plant package of taller type plants (I don't remember the names but there were a whole bunch and some red ones). They all died.

I most get a very hard algae the clings to the glass. It's hard to tell the color really but if I had to guess I would say it's brown although it used to be green. Does that make any sense? Like when I first started my tank it was super stuck onto the glass and it was green. Not it's a little easier to scrape off and it's more brown then green I think.
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