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Originally Posted by DogFish View Post
Oh I do very, very much understand.

The reason why I suggest keeping the Q-Tank, simple-low co$t is NOT be cause you can't afford it. By keeping it simple-low co$t you are making a statement that you are not going hobby-crazy and will be keeping your hobby in perspective in terms of time/effort in relationship to the family.

I think I have commented on one of your prior threads. Do your maintenance when your wife is out, shopping, errands, work, whatever. That way the hobby is not getting in the way of family/wifey time. Or, have a weekly maintenance time scheduled so she can make plans for the family that don't result in time conflicts.
Or when the mother-in-law is over for the day? Like today I worked under the house.

Makes sense and very good idea what your saying about the Q-Tank and keeping it low cost. I think I am just going to go with the 40 B or the 20 L, just need to decide which, but not going with 2. That will just bring to many questions into wife mind why do we have to have 3 tanks so and so on. She understand the point of having 1 Q-Tank, and she agrees with that.
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