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Originally Posted by MABJ View Post
I would hazard to bet all didn't die.. The change most likely threw them off. See MTS love mulm. That's why they're always under the substrate. I'd bet a few survived and the population will revive.
Originally Posted by Fishumms View Post
I have found that a lot of the older MTS in my tanks will die when I move them/ redo everything. ... The larger MTS were probably starved out, but eventually their food sources will come back and also the population. ... It is 5 months since I started that tank and there is finally signs of tons of little MTS showing up.
Thanks, this sounds like the general consensus! I'm looking forward to seeing them bounce back :-)

Originally Posted by MABJ View Post
Hope this helped man. Grats on the 110G tank you know we want a journal and pictures of it right?!
Tank journal is in my sig!

Originally Posted by steven p View Post
Did an assassin sneak in? The floor of my 72 is littered with mts shells.
I don't think so - we watch the tank pretty regularly, and I even went last night and flashlight-hunted for a little while to see if I could detect anything "fishy" going on (*rimshot*). Thanks for the suggestion though!

Originally Posted by ravensgate View Post
As a side note, absolutely hysterical and well written post
Haha, thanks
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