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Originally Posted by plantbrain View Post
Puffer is nice.

I'd remove the wood rimmed lip around the tank, it prevents access and only moderately reduces light spray.

I'd also raise the lights up to parallel to the roof beams.
Better to have lower intensity and better spread. You could make a planted tray in the rear for house plants and have the roots in the tank water.
Or just a row of pots for the house plants not linked to the tank also.
I'd likely get rid of the powerheads and get 1-2 Vortech's.

you can reduce the light overspray into the room and remove the wood lip by placing some wood to block the light spray coming down from the beams there, then stopping about 6-12" above the water.

This will reflect the light down and back. This will keep the front glass cleaner and allow much better tank access. Also will make the house plants grow better if you place them along that back edge. It would act like a large full length lamp shade basically.

You need hardscape materials.
Oh wow! Im always a fan of tips from Tom Barr. These are all great ideas and I will pass them along to the customer. Several things you listed above I have already pitched to him but at the end of the day its his tank and I can only do so much.

Oh, its Alaska, we have LOTS of hardscape materials. Both him and I have piles of rocks and driftwood outside our houses...under snow though. The rescape will not disappoint.

Originally Posted by Kathyy View Post
I gotta know. Is it still on the casters???

Tank looks great, am sure the next version will be just as nice. Do you get to help with it?
Yup, he is still running the Fx5's. When all of his materials arrive him and I will be doing it all in one weekend. Im stoked.
Originally Posted by akdylpickles View Post
The Amazonia is gonna look sweet! Is he changing out his fish too?

Are you usually working on saturdays at the store?
Not sure. I have been trying to get him to cut down on how many plecos he has simply because they tend to uproot carpets before they get a chance to root.

Yup, every Saturday.

Originally Posted by Level200 View Post
Wow makes my little tank look like a puddle

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Ha, mine too.

Originally Posted by Seedreemer View Post
Absolutely awesome!

Originally Posted by scapegoat View Post
certainly not in love. don't like the trim or the light placement. too much spill over into the room for me.

it's huge and it's interesting... but it looks so out of place.
Its a tank build bud. Your tank under your Tv looks out of place bahahaha. I couldn't resist.

Anyways we don't mess around so the end product will seal the deal.

You always think that after this next project your tanks will be complete...there is no 'complete' in this hobby. There will always be something new
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