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brown hair algae new tank (PICS)

This is my first high tech tank. I thought I had all my bases covered when starting this a month ago, but algae hit it bad right after setup. It started on the driftwood so i thought it would go away, it just got worse though. Algae in this tank has consisted of brown hairy looking algae, green dust algae and green dots on the glass. I do 3 water changes a week and plan to do so till the algae is gone. During the water changes I clean out as much as possible on the plants, rocks, wood, and glass. Next week my algae crew is going in 20 amano's, 10 nirite's and 4 oto's. I added some old media from another filter to help with the cycling this week so hopefully no deaths and I'll be able to get my money's worth out of them.

I think my problem lies with my EI dosing. In my last setup I was using 1/4 dose. On this set up I have been sticking to the 1/4 to 1/2 the recommended dose, the plant mass is still rather low.

So what would you guys do? Am I missing something what's putting the system out of balance?

3 weeks old
Lighting: 2x24w T5HO 1x18w T8 for 8 hours
Filter: ehiem 2217
Co2: misting

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