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Originally Posted by Delexboarfoot View Post
2075. is the number on the box.

Manual can be downloaded from here

Same site sells them (it's an American site) $289.99. That's not to say that's the best price.

600 refers to; 600 liters. You guys still use old money, that's probably why it don't come up on a search for 600. It's described as;

Eheim 2075 Pro 3 Canister Filter.

Beware when buying! Make sure the one you get comes with media. Over wise lots of extra pennys.
Ours is the 160G, 600L makes it sound more impressive until you do the conversion

$256.00 at one LFS (comprable to Amazon @ $234.00) quite a bit more than the CFS-500 and the SUNSUN, but it's an Eheim.

What size are your hoses?
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