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WOOP's.... I forgot all about my African Cichlid days back in the late 80's
(back when nearly all African Cichlids sold in stores were wild-caught)
I forget which ones did end up breeding , but I remember I could never get my Frontosas to breed

(mouth-brooders are so easy to breed.... they do most of the work themselfs )

20gal long with... (4) 30" T5 Colormax/6700K ~ CO2 @25ppm ~ Fluorite black sand ~ EI dosing & Osmocote Plus ~ RO/DI filter (Plants & FRS)

*My 180gal SPS tank had 2160 Watts of light (12WPG) back in the early 1990's... (3) 400 Watt German' Metal Halides and (6) 6' 160 Watt VHO RS/03 (IceCap ballasts)

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