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Originally Posted by Beer View Post
Davrx and Mobert, how thick is the glass on those bowls? do you think either one of them will hold up to an accidental bump or two?
Are both of them from West Elm?
Mine is the large one from West Elm (there's a link in one of my posts) but I can't speak for Mobert. It's thin glass, if it falls off onto a hard surface you can rest assured that it will explode all over the floor. Mine is pretty heavy and I don't think you could knock it over unintentionally. You'd have to hit it pretty hard to make it fall over. You could probably pull it off a table or desk if you walked by with a coat or something and snagged it by accident. If you have little kids I guess they could grasp the thin base and possibly pull it onto themselves but it's heavy enough that I think they'd have to be falling backward as they grasped it.

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