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Originally Posted by -Az- View Post
thanks for the advice milad

didn't even think of wiring the individual LEDs in the 3ups separately.

i like the idea of keeping my options open. the versatility offered by dimming is perfect to suit low light or High light as needed

in your opinion does the rb offer a broad enough spectrum of blue or should I add some different wavelengths?

i couldn't find much info on density required. I've guesstimated using forum posts of similar size tanks. I imagine if I work out my optic spreads i could get a rough idea.
any secret formulas?

thanks again and I appreciate your time.
Just using the royal blues will be fine for the blue wavelengths. you can get reg blues and violets but it starts getting expensive fast.

At the top of this page:
there is a few links on calculators for both planted and reef tanks.
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