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Originally Posted by DogFish View Post
Jim - Glad you worked out. Being a veteran of 32 yrs. of domestic compromises I'd offer that you want to tread very lightly on that whole laundry room idea. I'd suggest a metal stand ( I like the PetCo "Brooklyn") a 20L on top a 10 underneath. Find a few plastic storage boxes at the $1 store. I 'd suggest you don't push the footprint of laundry space to hard. I'd also be clear what a Q-Tank is for i.e.. temp holding of fish/plants. That said don't debate from the plan.

While you reached an acceptable compromise (Great) you don't want your wife to feel she made a mistake. Some times the best compromises are not 50-50%. The goal is to have your wife embrace the hobby.

Glad this worked out for you.
Money is not what caused any of the problems with wife wanting me to get rid of 125. It was the fact that was in the living room, and she does not like it in the living room, says it to loud of if wants to have company over I am always messing around with it. Laundry room still option for QT tank, but your right, I should not go crazy with that, just happy I can bring the 125 back in. The idea of the stand for 20 is not a bad idea at all.

Thanks as well to everyone else.
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