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Originally Posted by ProjectCode619 View Post
SeaChem 250ml Potassium ( vs. GLA's KH2PO4 (

Why do I even want to bother with dosing this? I would like my DHG, HC, Downoi, etc. to be REALLY green and healthy. Don't have any red plants. Using ADA NEW Amazonia, pressurized CO2, medium light and no other dosing.

Primary concern: Which is safer to dose in a shrimp tank containing (PFR, CRS/CBS (ranging from S grades to PRL), OEBT, etc.)?

Secondary concern: How exactly do I dose the KH2PO4? I have browsed around the last hour or so an haven't seen a solid answer. What I found most related is this: "For dosing KH2PO4 you need to mix 7.2 grams or 1.5 teaspoons or 0.50 tablespoons into 250 ml of water. Each ml of this solution will 0.53 ppm of PO4 in 10 gallons of water." How do I know how much ppm do I need exactly for my tank size to no over-dose, under-dose, just right, etc?
A generic way is to open the Activity Monitor app and make sure there
is no Page Outs and no Free Memory. Then you can assume that the
amount of memory is just right for your particular task....

Err...are you asking about the aquarium?
That's the million dollar question you know. Don't expect solid answer.
It's biotic.
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