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I checked the place out yesterday. They had a very impressive selection of everything fish. For example, they didn't just have Prime, they had it in three sizes. Lots of lights, food, you name it. The only thing I could have asked more of would have been the driftwood selection.

As far as fish and plants, just as mentioned earlier - diverse and plentiful. More selection than I've seen in a store ever before, especially so for the live plants. I was really tempted to get some fish but for now I have no room for any more without overstocking.

Regarding the puppy mill issue, here are my personal opinions on the matter. I am very sympathetic to following your own personal convictions regarding these things. I would not disparage someone for choosing not to patronize a business to which they didn't agree with some fundamental aspect of their business model. As to my opinions, I think you really have to look at the culture in Missouri. The puppy mills simply fulfill the public's demand. It is exceptionally rare to find a house that doesn't have multiple cats and dogs. The culture here is quite saturated with dogs and cats and these puppy mills, which happen to be completely legal, fulfill that demand. I've seen dogs sold off the back of pickup trucks in parking lots. So my personal opinion in the matter is that the best thing I or anyone else can do to stop the puppy mill culture is to stop buying puppies. Myself I am not even a dog or cat guy. I had a dog as a boy but am no longer interested in keeping them as pets for a large number of reasons.
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