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Choosing lighting for my 55g aquarium

Hello Plantedtankers!
I am setting up a 55g aquarium shortly and am trying to choose the best lighting setup I can. These two setups are priced similarly but I'm having difficulty deciding which would best, or if either would provide sufficient lighting. Does anyone know which of these two lighting setups would produce the best growth? My aquarium is 20 inches deep and i should have around 3 inches of substrate depth, I would like to carpet the substate with plants, so Im hoping to have good growth at the 17 inch distance and closer.
The first i have been looking at is
48" 216W (4x 54W) T5 HO Light Fixture Extendable Series
2x 54W T5 HO lamps 10000K
2x 54W T5 HO lamps Actinic Blue
4x LED

The second, an LED setup, which is slightly more expensive is
48" Finnex FugeRay Ultra Slim LED Fixture
224x HO 7000k LEDs
16x HO Actinic LEDs
24 watts

I've also seen the Ray II setups which from what I can discern are more powerful (provide more PAR) but are also more expensive and may be out of my price range. Of the two I linked which would be the better choice? I really don't know how to compare the lamps to the LEDs and I think that maybe part of my problem in choosing. Any help would be appreciated.
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