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Malaysian Murder Mystery!

The Story
The flora and fauna in my 29G tank were happy and thriving. A healthy population of hundreds (or more!) of Malaysian Trumpet Snails were established. A Christmas miracle delivered a new 110G tank to my door, and so the community prepared for their move to larger pastures. I took all the necessary precautions (or so I thought!) - ran the new filters on the old tank for weeks, moved everything in a single day, etc. to minimize the shock of the move. However, disaster has struck!

In the two weeks since the move, all the Malaysian trumpet snails have mysteriously died! Their white shells lay barren, dotting the onyx desert of the tank like stars in a nighttime sky. Their brethren, a few ramshorns, a striped nerite, the occasional pond snail, and a huge apple snail are survivors of the apocalypse, but will they last? I've come to you, fellow forum members, for guidance in this matter.

The Suspects
The suspects list are the things that have changed as part of the move into the new tank...

The water parameters (temperature, ammonia, nitrite, nitrate) are all nominal. I have been checking them regularly.

I added new fish shortly after it was set up, so they are my primary suspects. Is someone eating the snails?

Koi Angelfish (2)

Golden Gourami (1)

Black Skirt Tetra (school of 7)

Red Tailed Shark (1)

Apple Snail (1)

New Substrate
3-5" deep - CaribSea Super Naturals Tahitian Moon. 80lbs mixed w/ 5lbs of AMACO Mexican Red Pottery Clay, bordered/capped. Also contains rootmedic tablets sporadically placed within.

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