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Originally Posted by jkan0228 View Post
You might wanna try emailing GLA @ or call them: 1 352 872-5611 for accurate information.
I've left an email for O at that email address, I've had a hard time reaching him before for whatever reason so I just thought I'd try here as well.

Originally Posted by jester56 View Post
FWIW, Guys

The most common 20 oz CO2 tank sits at room temp with 800-850 psi. Most gauges that size are too small to get any decent level. And CO2 tanks show that same psi gaugeadingull down to a couple of ounces before it starts to drop. CO2 is measured by weight.

Nitrogen, or HPA (High Pressure Air) comes in 3000 & 4500 psi steel/aluminum and carbon fiber. 3000 psi tanks are almost exclusively steel. 4500 psi tanks are carbon fiber wrapped with aluminum bladders. HPA is measured in volume. Common tank sizes are 45, 48, 68, 70, and 88 cubic inches. HPA needs a step down reg.

This info is based on paintball use.

Hard to see how that regulator would fit on a 5 lb tank. The 5 takes the same connector that the 50 lb cylinders.
Thanks for the explanation on the different paintball tanks. And this is how the regulator fits on a 5lb tank. Again, it looks the same as the "paintball" version, just without the adapter. At least that's what I'm trying to figure out...?

What I can tell from the eBay photos of this same regulator, the blue adapter shown in the first photo is for disposable co2 tanks. Then the would mean the black adapter at the very end of the "paintball" version is to convert to the paintball connection.

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