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Hi from Virginia!

Hi Planted Tank! My name is Izzy, and I've been keeping fish since 2007. Only in the past year have I been adventurous enough to put any plants in my tanks aside from anubias and java fern. So while I consider myself a good fishkeeper, I'm still a novice at plants. My current tanks are (in order of oldest to newest) 55 gal goldfish tank (no plant there lol!), 10 gal divided betta tank (two of them), and a 29 gal planted community that I'm stocking now. All of my tanks are low-light, low-tec, and I struggle with algae in two of my four tanks. I think my main problem is water movement, and I'm taking steps to fix that.

I joined this forum at the recommendation of two fishkeeping friends on another forum. They really like you guys! So I decided to come join the planting fun!

EDIT: I also forgot to add I have a koi pond, but I don't really plant it. I just kinda let mother nature take over that part.

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