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+1 for DogFish.... open communication is the key.

That aside, there are a number of practical details that bother me in the whole thing: first 125g was gone but now it's back plus 1-2 new tanks - that just not jives with me as I know what it can cost to set up even a small tank... Therefore, either the cost is not the primary issue at hand or it was all about the tank location/upkeep or there is something else is going on. My recommendation is figure that out first before going much farther.

Laundry room: maybe yours is the size of my house. Otherwise, close proximity to detergent, bleach, vapor, fumes, ease of enjoyment, etc seems to me to be another recipe for more unpleasant marital discussions. (Yes, I do have a tank in the master bathroom).

As far as the 125 goes, there are tons of what you can do with it. And both of us know that. If you really wanted to, you can make an amazing scape with just 2-3 types of Java Fern. You can make it into a rock tank with African Cichlids, or bare bottom Discus breeding tank, +1,000s of other things.

Maybe ask your wife what SHE would want it to look like. My wife could care less about my hobbies, but she still does have a 50% say.

If you need plants, we can take it in PM.
Best of luck.

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