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Originally Posted by houseofcards View Post
Unlikely, It takes a while for algae to really develop before it becomes very visible and a nusiance, probably just a timing thing more than anything else.

A tank isn't like a jigsaw puzzle where you can add pieces as you go along. You have aquasoil and high light without co2, that's a algae incubator, it just had to develop.
I was watching the tank pretty closely immediately before and after adding CO2, there's no doubt in my mind that before I added CO2 there was little to no algae, and a huge bloom immediately after. Maybe the CO2 accelerated the growth of algae and plants alike and just brought about an inevitable bloom sooner, but the change was really rather dramatic.

I'll try reducing the light/co2 cycle to fewer hours per day and see if that helps. I've already reduced the CO2 flow, but I can bump it back up if it would help. I was at ~2 bubbles/second, and reduced to 1. I'll look up the model of my bubble counter if people want to do a real comparison, I'd imagine the numbers don't translate between different models.

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