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GLA Atomic Paintball CO2 Regulator to CGA320?

I have one of the awesome GLA atomic paintball CO2 regulators and have been using it for many moons. But I have been looking around at perhaps getting a 5lb CO2 tank but its got a CGA320 valve. Looking around the GLA website though, it looks like the CGA320 atomic regulator is the same as the paintball versions. Except the paintball versions include what appears to be an adapter to connect to paintball tanks.

Has anyone tried or know if the atomic paintball regulators can be hooked up to a CGA320 tank just by unscrewing the adapter? I've unscrewed it but I don't have a CGA320 tank to see if it works.

This is the paintball version (you can see the adapter being the blue portion down):

This is the CGA320 version:

It just seems to make some sense it would work. Why make tooling equipment for different connections when you can just provide an adapter?
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