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Originally Posted by HybridHerp View Post
I doubt you'll find a solution to this really. If it was something larger than yes, but I don't hear of too many rescue stories of small fish that are worth less than a dollar.

If I knew they weren't diseased, I'd honestly just feed them to a larger fish that I already have or something, unless you knew a friend into the hobby or something.
Oh... well there are only three of them left, so I guess a lot of people wouldn't even bother. Also there was an ich outbreak recently and although I've been treating the whole tank and haven't seen any ich in like 2 weeks I don't know if anyone would be willing to add them to their tanks. Ich sucks. >_<
Anyway my mom decided not to let me have them after all, so what it comes down to now is I could try and find someone to take them in her area or I can try to convince her to at least get some real plants if she's not going to take my advice and get a bigger tank and more fish. Right now she only has 2 plastic plants in that tank. >_<
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