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Well the T. candidi spawned for a 3rd time. After 2 failures I'm not taking any chances. This time, I've decided to try my hand at raising them. I should be able to get at least some to hatch if they are viable, unless my params are not up to snuff. The eggs look to be viable, I don't have a microscope here to verify for sure, but all signs are good. I took the flower pot out last night, but I know the female was busy in there on Thursday night already. So I'm thinking the eggs are at least 48 hours old right now. Should be another day or 2 until hatch. I've heard it's a good 9-10 days total to the free swimming stage. Anyone want to count them for me?

For reference, that is a standard airline tube in the picture. I built a makeshift breeder out of a Nissin Spicy shrimp chow-mein pan (thoroughly washed) And the flow is provided via that airline tube, which is shoved up the output from my C160 canister filter.

Close up:

The Borellii and the Bitaeniata haven't spawned yet, the female Borelli has been in breeding garb since coming home, and the bitaeniata female, though plump, might need to get a bit bigger. For those wondering how the Amano is faring, he/she learned to jump..... it's been replaced by a big fat Otto!
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