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Originally Posted by Fishies_in_Philly View Post
that looks awesome Jake. Nce job!!! what's the treelike plant in the center/right?
Thanks Bill. Already running into issues of course, just like any new build. The tree is a ficus. I really like the look of it and hope I can make it work. Unfortunately water seems to be wicking up the coco fiber and titebond mixture and into the ficus pot. Its a soggy mess. The pot was dry as a bone when I filled the tank before potting so I know its not leaking in any way. The ficus seems to be doing fine but I imagine if the soil stays boggy, I will lose it soon enough. NOt sure what to do, I lowered the water level a bit but I can still see wet coco fibers all the way to the rim of the ficus' pot.

I also lost the ferns. With cold water the humidity is average at best and the acclimation just didnt go well. I took them out to acclimate them in a different spot. I replaced them with something else I had laying around. Doesnt look nearly as good but I will try and find some more ferns this spring. I also lost the hygro in the water section, replaced them with an anubias plant and another crypt.

Newts seem really happy in their new home!
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